Our learning environment has frequently been held up as a model example by visiting early childhood educators. Integrating both indoor and outdoor space, we create a carefully prepared work-learn-play environment that is homely, comfortable, relaxing, yet safe, hygienic, orderly and purposeful.

We provide a carefully designed and stimulating environment with a rich diversity of challenging activities of various levels of complexities that allow the child to learn through observation, exploration, discovery and practice.

A wide variety of materials is easily accessible to the children so as to allow them to make their own choices, and thus learn to be independent and partake in the responsibility for their own learning.

We structure our environment and activities to extend the children’s learning, and provide opportunities for them to be creative and adept at solving problems on their own.

Children are also encouraged to develop character values, social skills and consideration for others within our environment.

We operate in a Non Aircon Environment.