Our Chinese curriculum emphasizes on listening, speaking and word recognition as they gradually progress to gain confidence in using the Chinese language in various ways.

We focus on helping children gain concrete understanding for content knowledge of each topic with activities such as songs, crafts, games, cookery and role-play.

From conversational mandarin, children learn various topics starting from my body, my family, food, colours, numbers and gradually learns about the world around them.

They learn to identify and write basic strokes of the Chinese characters and work on forming sentences verbally, as they work on sentence construction.

K2 children learn to write simple sentences as well as Basic Han Yu Pin Yin just before they graduate, as they gain understanding to use them for future learning.

The curriculum follows specific themes and topics at each level, in order to gradually expand the childrens knowledge and language capability from themselves to the world they live in:

  • Myself: body, clothes, food
  • My home: family members, household appliances, furniture
  • My neighbourhood: public places and transportation
  • My society: occupations
  • My country: places of interest, festivals, national symbols, local climate
  • My world: animals and their habitats, climate and weather, oceans, continents