Our practice is closely guided by the following beliefs:

Adopting a flexible and developmentally appropriate approach

We believe in an approach that takes into consideration each individual child’s stage of development and abilities.

Promoting character values

We consider character values such as humility, integrity, care for others and a healthy attitude towards work as important as academic abilities, if not more.

Providing a stimulating learning environment

We are committed to striking a balance between teacher’s instructional guidance and respect for the child’s initiative and freedom of choice. We provide a carefully designed and stimulating environment with a rich diversity of challenging activities of various levels of complexities that allow the child to learn through observation, exploration, discovery and practice.

Cultivating self-discipline, responsibility and accountability

We are committed to helping children develop the ability to exercise self-discipline from an early age. We do not advocate corporal punishment, but firm discipline and setting of clear boundaries where necessary so that children learn to balance freedom of choice and decision with responsibility and accountability.

Facilitating all-round development for young children

We place emphasis on a holistic educational approach that addresses the physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of a child’s development.

Developing independence from a young age

We aim to help children develop independence in terms of self-help, care for environment, decision-making and problem-solving. We believe in helping children learn to take responsibility for their own learning and exercise initiative in their work.